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Hear Haley Bond give her impressions of the timeless music within the story, her new recording of key songs and her role in bringing the story of Haley and the Comet to a new generation of people worldwide.

Chris Sciarrotta Composer

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CHRIS SCIARROTTAis a seasoned songwriter and composer  whose experience and accomplishments cut across many music genres.  He earned a Bronze Medal Award at the Tokyo Music Festival for his hit song,  Morning, Noon and Night Time, (recorded by multiple artists, including Jane Oliver, Carl Carlton, Bobbi Benton and Manson) a song which landed solidly on the Billboard Magazine charts. Chris wrote Gallop County Train, recorded by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, the RCA Records produced Johnny Do it Faster, with hits by the Jaggerz of Looking Glass, It's Me and  Shame on You, the latter a song also recorded by Patience which rocked the Billboard Charts. Ted Taylor recorded Chris' Keeping my Head Above Water which also brought industry success. Beyond his songwriting success, Chris is a recognized voiceover talent, having contributed to The Groovy Ghoulies and The Jerry Lewis Cartoon Show.

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Meet the Creative Team

The beautiful story of HALEY AND THE COMET is the product of careful nurturing and development.  The original story concept, created by Terry Cowick Bond over two decades ago, has undergone a wonderful metamorphosis of growth and rebirth, and now has blossomed to an even greater degree, under the careful hand of Terri, and songwriting partner Chris Sciarrotta.  Today joined by the deep writing and musical talent of singer/songwriter Haley Bond, this amazing musical journey is a feast both for the eyes and ears.  Come explore not only the story of Haley and the Comet, but also the story within the dream itself.

Haley Bond  Writer / Vocalist

Hear Chris Sciarrotta talk about his early Billboard successes and his role in creating some of the story's most memorable music in this exclusive interview with Scot Marshall.

Terri Bond Writer / Composer

TERRI COWICK BOND is a singer/songwriter and musician, and is the creator of the beautiful story that is Haley and the Comet.  Terri is both an accomplished writer and vocalist whose musical and theatrical instincts are both well-honed and deeply in-tune with the core of great story-telling.  Terri has received a prestigious Best Vocalist award from the GMA, and her on stage theater performances have brought significant acclaim from both critics and members of musical theater public. She has lead the cast of San Francisco's theater hit, Beach Blanket Babylon, and has been a featured performer in popular San Francisco cabarets such as Fanny's, The Plush Room and Sutter's Mill, as well as New York City hot spot clubs including The Duplex, Dangerfield's and Don't Tell Mama's.  She has made guest appearances on the Carol and Marilyn Show and Nashville's You can be a Star. Terri and partner Chris Sciarrotta have written and produced several original albums in addition to their work on Haley and the Comet. 

Hear Terri Bond's recount of the birth of the original story in an exclusive November 2016 interview during a musical composition planning session for Haley and the Comet.

HALEY BOND is a singer/songwriter who began her career as a performer as a young child, delivering her first solo performance on stage at the age of four. Under the tutelage of her father, veteran stage and studio drummer Jeff Bond, and her mother, accomplished vocalist and writer Terri Bond, Haley continued to develop musically via studio sessions and stage performances.

     Having grown up and made her own way as a performer, in 2010 Haley recorded and released her first album, a critically acclaimed collection of original Christmas music.  Since 2011, Haley has been making musical appearances in select venues, and has been writing and collaborating with other talent, developing original songs and arrangements. Her next album, slated to include a number of tunes that have already sparked key music industry interest, is in pre-production and has an anticipated release of late 2017.  Haley appears regularly on stage with co-performers in concerts produced by Serendipity Entertainment, and will be on tour both in the United States and internationally through 2018.